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Organic hemp cooking oil - set
  • GMO Free
  • Herbicide-free
  • No animal testing
  • Pesticide-free
  • Sustainable production
  • Vegan

Organic hemp cooking oil - set


That tastes like more and smells like up to 20% discount*

Do you enjoy always discovering something new for the kitchen? Then you should definitely try the hemp seed oils from Herbalea. In the four-pack they are particularly favorable.

The valuable, cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil is rich in important omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and enhances your dishes with mild nutty hemp flavor. Either pure as Pure Cooking Oil or with a hint of chili as Spicy Cooking Oil. If you like a fresh, floral herbal note, we recommend Powering Cooking Oil with organic cistus. Refreshing Cooking Oil with organic lemongrass brings pleasant lemony flavors to your smoothies, dips and salads.

* You save up to 20% compared to buying them individually.

Set small
1 x 250 ml Pure Cooking Oil
1 x 250 ml Spicy Cooking Oil with Chili
1 x 250 ml Refreshing Cooking Oil with lemongrass
1 x 250 ml Powering Cooking Oil with citrus rose

Set large
3 x 250 ml Pure Cooking Oil3 x 250 ml Spicy Cooking Oil with chili3 x 250 ml Refreshing Cooking Oil with lemongrass
3 x 250 ml Powering Cooking Oil with citrus rose


What makes our hemp seed oil so unique

With every drop of Cooking Oil from Herbalea you enjoy 100% nature. The hemp plants from which we extract the hemp seeds come from certified organic cultivation. They are harvested by hand and handpicked to ensure that only the best quality raw materials are processed. Our organic hemp seeds are grown in Austria and gently cold pressed. Depending on the variety, it is additionally refined with organic cistus extract, organic chili extract or organic lemongrass extract and then bottled and labeled by hand with great care in our factory in Switzerland.

For connoisseurs, cold-pressed organic hemp seed oils are among the noblest of all edible oils. The darker the oil, the more intense and nutty its flavor. Hemp seed oil contains unsaturated omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in a perfectly balanced ratio of 1:3. You can also get omega 6 from numerous other vegetable oils. Omega 3, however, is a marine fatty acid found predominantly in fatty cold-water fish such as salmon or tuna. If you are on a vegan diet or do not eat fish for other reasons, hemp seed oil is an excellent alternative.

In addition, hemp seed oil is rich in alphalinolenic acid and convinces with a high content of phytosterols, tocopherols and chlorophyll. It contains vitamins E, B1 and B2, as well as minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium, and the trace elements iron, manganese, zinc and copper.


Organic hemp seed oil from Herbalea is a tasty all-rounder in the kitchen. Raw vegetable dishes and salads give the gently cold-pressed oil from first pressing an extra kick of flavor. You can use it to refine your salad dressings and enhance healthy smoothies. The nutty note of hemp oil also goes well with raw sauerkraut, fresh vegetables and dips.

In hot cooking it is suitable for lightly sautéing or steaming vegetables. You can also add it to dishes directly after cooking. A dash of hemp oil makes the pumpkin soup or pasta sauce even more delicious.

You should not use hemp oil for frying or deep-frying. Its valuable fatty acids are very sensitive to heat and are damaged at 165 degrees Celsius at the latest.


Organic Hemp Seed Oil
Organic lemongrass (Refreshing Cooking Oil)
Organic chili (Spicy Cooking Oil)
Organic cistus (Powering Cooking Oil).
Nothing else!

We consistently avoid flavor additives, flavor enhancers, artificial preservatives, colorants and additives. All ingredients come from Austrian, certified organic cultivation. Pure Cooking Oil from Herbalea is rich in natural ingredients, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free.


Close the oil well after each use and store it in a cool and dry place in the dark. Cooking Oil from Herbalea is a natural product. Make sure your hands are clean and dry each time you use it to avoid contamination on the neck of the bottle and the cap.


How sustainable our CBD oils are.

We think that if you do something good for yourself, you should only use products that do not harm our nature. Therefore, our entire production from the cultivation of raw materials to the finished end product is certified organic. Hemp and hemp seeds as well as cistus, lemongrass and chili are harvested by hand in Austria, handpicked and gently cold pressed into oil or gently processed into organic extract. The producer obtains most of his raw materials from regional organic farmers. The employees also come from the region, so that the travel distances are as short as possible. In our Swiss partner company, the products are packaged and labeled by hand. The company covers its energy needs exclusively with green electricity from solar, wind and water power.

In terms of packaging, we have opted for robust, UV-protected bottles and use 100% no aluminum for the closures. The shipping packaging also meets our high standards of sustainability. They are made of FSC-certified cardboard boxes from sustainable forestry. Shipping is carried out climate-neutrally by Swiss Post.

How we think about sustainability in general.

The resources of this world are limited, and there is no such thing as “Planet B”. That’s why we pay attention to sustainability in everything we do. Whenever possible, we source our products and raw materials from certified organic manufacturers. To continuously minimize our carbon footprint, we ship climate-neutral and strive to buy as regionally as possible.

Sustainability is a multifaceted issue for us. Every month we donate one percent of our sales to the organization Hakuna Mipaka of the Swiss Dean Schneider in South Africa. Dean Schneider initiates, supports and runs worldwide projects for the protection of wild animals and advocates for a respectful coexistence of humans, animals and nature. Our COO Michael Hoffmann spent several weeks working at Hakuna Mipaka and was able to get his own impression of the high value of the projects.


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