Vision & Mission

All the best from cannabis

The vision of is that, thanks to the highest quality standards, expertise and transparency, all Swiss people can buy and consume cannabis products comfortably, carefree and 100% legally. sees it as its mission to become the leading Swiss online provider, to strengthen the acceptance of cannabis as a recognized medicine & stimulant and to develop its health-promoting potential for the benefit of society.

Nahaufnahme, Cannabisblüten in einer Schale.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecological thinking & acting

Sustainability and social responsibility are central topics for SWISS Gate AG and its sales brand For this reason, orders are shipped climate neutrally via Swiss Post. The online store itself is certified as CO2-neutral, which is confirmed by the participation in the initiative Co2-neutral website. All shipping materials, such as the cardboard boxes, are FSC certified. For products such as the hemp teas, SWISS Gate AG uses NatureFlex film for the packaging, which is made of 100% wood fiber. The bags of the hemp teas, in turn, are made of Soilon (from corn starch – GMO free) and are biodegradable. For other products such as the hemp flowers, uses child-resistant as well as shatterproof jars that can be reused. The labels can be removed from the packaging without having to wash them off with water.

SWISS Gate AG strives to buy as regionally as possible. All products offered at come from certified organic farms in the DACH region and thus from conflict-free areas. Sustainability is, as already mentioned, a very important topic. Therefore, this aspect is given a lot of importance when evaluating partners. Currently, some partners cover their entire energy needs exclusively with green electricity from solar, wind and hydro power. Another partner uses an old silk weaving mill for the operation of the production plant, whose underground air ducts, cooled by means of a waterfall, are still used today for air conditioning the premises.

Assuming social responsibility

SWISS Gate AG wants to assume social responsibility and is actively committed to a better society. That’s why we donate one percent of each of our monthly sales to the Hakuna Mipaka and SOS Kinderdorf foundations. Hakuna Mipaka is an animal rescue organization in South Africa founded by the Swiss Dean Schneider, which is committed to the protection of wild animals and a respectful coexistence of humans, animals & nature. The SOS Children’s Village organization works for the protection and well-being of children and families and supports them in creating a stable livelihood. Furthermore, SWISS Gate AG actively fights food waste with All organic hemp foods from Herbalea with a shelf life of less than 6 months are offered for sale at a greatly reduced price via the app Too-Good-To-Go.

SWISS Gate AG is a member of various associations and federations such as IG Hanf, Fachzirkel Cannabis, Verein Bio-Netz, Handelsverband Schweiz and Trusted Shops. SWISS Gate AG is committed to the needs of the population in the areas of sustainability, data protection, data security, market development as well as education and transparency and strives to take on a pioneering role.