Memberships & Certifications
Creating digital trust
Trusted Shops

With its combination of seal of approval, buyer protection and authentic feedback, Trusted Shops ensures real security in the digital world for consumers as well as companies.

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Förderung der Aktzeptanz von Cannabis
Specialist Circle Cannabis

Hemp for Swiss pharmacies

Founded in 2018 by four pharmacists in Zurich, the association is committed to proposing, recommending or providing pharmacies with professionally sound, standardized products, with an indication, extracted from the hemp plant or synthetically produced. The association has no financial intentions and provides documentation, training seminars and personal information to pharmacies and other interested persons/entrepreneurs.

Need for Practice

Pharmacists and physicians are not taught any knowledge of the hemp plant as a medicine in Switzerland as part of their training. In addition, the scientific study of the plant is very difficult. The association has set itself the goal of improving the expertise around the medicinal plant cannabis, its ingredients, effects and application. This is done through information, education, networking and exchange of information, commitment to quality, safety and prevention. To this end, it provides information, offers educational events, advocates for quality and safety and prevention.

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Sustainable business with cannabis
Cannabis Business
Club of Switzerland

To strengthen the Swiss hemp industry

The Cannabis Business Club Switzerland is committed to the exchange and networking between producers, wholesalers, manufacturers, stores, media and professionals in the Swiss hemp industry. To this end, it organizes networking events several times a year with topics from current politics, economics, law, agronomy and medicine related to cannabis. 

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North American Hemp Industry Trade Association
National Cannabis
Industry Association NCIA

Growing Together

The NCIA unites thousands of North American ventures in a community of interest that advocates for meaningful regulation of the cannabis market in North America and also globally. The association is driven by the guiding principle that together, the industry can operate stronger, smarter and more successfully than before. The NCIA represents the interests of its members at the highest political level and promotes the development of the industry through informational as well as educational sessions and networking events. SWISS Gate AG as owner of is a Special Member of the NCIA and in constant exchange with its members and board. 

Rapid growth & internationalization

The global cannabis market will experience rapid growth in the coming years according to various forecasts and analyses, which will be comparable to few other markets. For this reason, NCIA’s mission is to ensure that, as the largest trade association in the international cannabis sector, it leads the way in demonstrating the benefits of a federally regulated cannabis market.

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Swiss Hemp Industry Association
IG Hanf Schweiz

For a strong hemp market in Switzerland

The IG Hanf is committed to the exchange as well as the cooperation among its members and promotes the entire Swiss hemp industry. For this purpose, the industry association is in contact with various dialogue groups such as authorities, political bodies, companies as well as consumers and advocates a contemporary approach to hemp.

Aims of IG Hanf

The IG Hanf shapes the development of a regulated hemp market in Switzerland and wants to professionalize the industry and make it more sustainable and innovative. To this end, IG Hanf advocates standards such as quality labels & seals of approval. IG Hanf wants to promote the understanding of the medicinal potential of hemp products in society and therefore enters into dialogue with mentioned stakeholders. In cooperation with the members of the association, a safe and controlled access to the market should be ensured and hemp should be established as a sustainable raw material.


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Coalition to develop cannabis regulatory model
Cannabis Consensus Schweiz

For state regulation

Cannabis Consensus Switzerland is a broad coalition of political (young) parties, representatives of health care and addiction prevention as well as youth protection, companies and associations from the economic and environmental sector as well as stakeholders from consumer groups, which is committed to improving the handling of cannabis in Switzerland.

To this end, Cannabis Consensus seeks a political, health-focused, user-friendly, environmentally friendly and economic consensus on sustainable cannabis regulation in Switzerland.

Regulation for a sustainable future

Cannabis Consensus is developing a regulatory model for the Swiss cannabis market tailored to the needs of the various dialogue groups, based on a report by the Federal Commission on Narcotic Drugs. According to the Federal Commission on Narcotic Drugs, the protection of the population as well as the regulation of the market must be in the foreground, whereby the model should be based on the following ten principles:

  1. Protect youth from the negative effects of cannabis use
  2. Encourage use of cannabis products with low health risks
  3. Educate users about the risks
  4. Prevent and punish certain occupational activities while under the influence of cannabis
  5. Restrict cannabis in public spaces and cannabis advertising
  6. Control cannabis production and quality and ensure traceability
  7. Separate medical cannabis market from non-medical cannabis market
  8. Sell cannabis products in specialty stores
  9. Tax cannabis to fund companion measures
  10. Regulate cannabis production for personal use
  11. .
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Improving the climate together
Co2-neutrale Website
For lower Co2 emissions

CO2-Neutral Website is a global climate initiative because CO2 emissions are a global problem. The members of this initiative are organizations from a wide variety of industries around the globe.

The goal of the CO2 Neutral Website is to draw more attention to the CO2 emissions of websites. At the same time, the organization itself implements concrete and impactful projects – both social and environmental. For example, it reduces Co2 while improving the livelihoods of thousands of African families by building energy-efficient stoves in collaboration with local NGOs.

To achieve the highest possible Co2 reduction, the organization invests in few but high-yield projects, all of which are Gold Standard certified. This means they are verified by credentialed UN inspectors and meet high standards of design, efficiency, governance and reporting.

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For a strong & attractive Swiss trade
Merging what belongs together

On June 17, 2020, the Association of Swiss Chain Store Companies VSF and the Association of Swiss Mail Order Companies (VSV ASVAD) merged. With the merger of these two associations, an important step has been taken towards the future. Competencies, experience and networks are united and brought together, with the aim of better representing the association members and offering them additional services.

The is committed to:

  • Cooperations and networking among dealers
  • Constructive exchange with service partners including framework agreements
  • Trustworthy and secure online trading
  • Reliable market figures and studies
  • Protecting the interests of traders in special situations
  • Conciliation of conflicts in the field of online trade
  • Professional and continuing education
  • Political legislative processes
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Association for the promotion of organic products
For sustainable business

The goal of the association, founded on January 14, 2000, is primarily the networking of trade, processing, gastronomy and financial services. stands up for holistic and sustainable management. sees this claim fulfilled in a structure based on the division of labor, in which each participant has its place according to its core competencies.

Independent organization accordingly offers no products itself and is independent of interest groups. organizes events and training courses together with friendly organizations and is available as a Swiss platform for domestic companies of the entire value chain of organic products. presents the entire diversity of the industry and has established itself as an up-to-date forum on topics related to organic.

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For a community of successful mothers
She is Mom Club
From women for women

The mission of She is Mom Club is to empower and guide mothers and women in their everyday careers. The digital platform was developed by women for women and aims to support moms in their great career paths in a variety of ways. 

High-quality support during the application process

She is Mom offers its women members access to digital education programs and provides mentors to assist throughout the application process. Members who have successfully found employment or become entrepreneurs have the opportunity to mentor and share their experiences with the community. 

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